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How To Install Motorized Curtains

What’s the first thing you do after buying motorized curtains? It’s of course coming across the concern of their perfect installation. Unless you’re a professional curtain installer or a person with some experience in curtain installation, chances are that you won’t have any information on how to install curtains which may lead to wastage of your valuable investment in these smart curtains.

So, in this piece of informative writing, we are going to illuminate some easy step-by-step methods on exactly how to install motorized shades efficiently and with no functional irregularities at all. To let you know, you don’t need to be an experienced or highly skillful person to perform this task. All you need are some specialized tools, a few simple household equipment, a little bit of your time, and complete attention.

DIY Installation Of Motorized Curtains

To install the window motorized curtains, you have to follow a series of steps that fall right one after another to efficiently and conveniently complete the process and make your smart curtains absolutely functional. However, one thing that should never be compromised upon during the procedure is your carefulness and attentiveness while installing your curtains at home as it is the major factor in the interest to avoid any irregularities from happening.

For a quick glance, first, you’ll have to install the electric motor, then plug the brackets, and finally wire the motorized curtains to finish the process and hang them up. Below, we’ve described in detail all these steps in the easiest manner possible to help you have a better understanding of the installation process for motorized curtains.

1. Installation Of The Motor

Motorized Curtains -Installation Of The Motor

If you’re transforming your standard curtains into smart ones, you’ll have to test the compatibility of the curtains with the motor that you bought from the market. However, if you’ve bought motorized curtains from a renowned supplier, then you can skip this process. Next, you should open your instruction manual that comes along with all types of motorized window curtains to know everything about the power supply of your smart curtains and prevent any damage to the motor.

Now, comes the most important part and you’ll need a cordless drill, a measuring tape, and a leveler. You have to join the basic curtain’s framework and need to attach the mounting sections on each side of the window frame to provide support to your wall curtains. In the end, comes the installation process of the electric motor and for this purpose, connect the motor rod with the electronic end cap by sliding the curtain’s headcover open. Now, secure the end cap in place after placing the motor into the spring box.

2. Bracket Installation

Large windows require lengthy curtains which accounts for the heavier weights of the curtains. Similarly, you’ll need more powerful brackets to support these heavy curtains. The installation process of the brackets takes no more than a few minutes but it should always be done with care. Here, we’ve listed some steps that you can follow to install the curtain brackets within no time.

  • Measure about four inches from both sides of the window ends.
  • Mark the measured point with a pencil to avoid drilling in the wrong place.
  • Align the opposite brackets perfectly with each other with the help of a leveler.
  • Now, drill a hole in the exact marked spot that you have marked with the help of a drill machine.
  • Place the brackets over the holes and nail them in to install them.

3. Wire The Motorized Curtains

Wire The Motorized Curtains

Before wiring your smart curtains, you need to check for the type of power supply or motor your curtains have. Because with simple batteries that work on AC supply, you won’t require additional wiring for your curtains. However, for motors that are only compatible with DC supply or solar panels, you’ll have to properly and carefully wire your curtains.

For a motor compatible with a DC adapter, you need to connect the wires to an outlet such as a wall plug, and ideally, it should be near your windows for more convenience. If you want to buy solar-power motorized curtains, you will first need to attach a solar panel framework near the window, preferably which should be outside. 

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Then, you need to connect one end of the wire with the solar power supply and the other end to the batteries which will connect to your motor and help to operate your curtains. Also, don’t forget to wire the wall switch to the motor of the smart curtains because it is another valuable option that lets you control these curtains without even leaving your comfort zone.

4. Installation Of The Curtains

Now that you’ve done all the previous work skillfully and precisely, it’s time to install your smart curtains in the window frame to make them functional and beneficial. To install the curtains, follow these simple steps.

  • Locate the uppercase of your motorized curtains that houses the motor, batteries, and wires and hold onto them firmly.
  • Insert one side of the curtain into the bracket to hook it into place and make sure to do so at an angle for better placement.
  • Rotate and push the frame head upwards until you hear a clicking sound.
  • Now insert the other end of the motorized curtain into the bracket installed on the opposite side of the wall.
  • Again, once the curtain rod sets in, you’ll hear a click sound that is proof of safe and precise installation.
  • Also, while installing your smart curtains, make sure the front is always facing ahead to prevent all your effort from going in vain.

5. Operate The Smart Curtains

Operate The Smart Curtains

Now comes the step where you will be testing whether all the effort you’ve done is fruitful or not. As you know, these smart blinds can be operated via remote control, smartphone, and by using a wall switch that is wired to the motor of the curtains. And, you need to operate your modern curtains using all these different control options so as to testify if all of them are working fine or not.

If any irregularity occurs in the functioning of the curtains that is least likely to happen if you follow all these guidelines carefully, please get the help of professionals so as to avoid creating a mess of the situation and secure your investment. Also, follow all the self-care guidelines precisely while dealing with electricity to prevent yourself from any harm or injury.

The Conclusion!

We hope that you install your smart curtains precisely to attain all the functional and ornamental benefits of these automated curtains by following this step-by-step guide. We have provided you with a simple and easy yet complete set of information on how to install motorized curtains by yourself at home. 

You need to follow all the steps with extreme care and attention to even the slightest details from the installation of the motor to operating your smart curtains so as to prevent any flaws or irregularities that can happen during the procedure.

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FAQS (Frequently Asked Questioned)

You’ll need to make use of a Masonry drill, when you have to drill into brick or tile. Also, this goes the same for stone and concrete as well and you also need to be careful about choosing the right screws, plugs and anchors.

Yes, motorized curtains can be installed on bay windows and you can either have one panel cover one window or go for two or three panels for covering one window. Besides, you, might as well, need to have some of the customizations for making the motorized curtains adequately fit your bay windows.

There are multiple factors that can influence the overall project cost of motorized curtain fitting within your place, with the quality and number of curtains being the foremost one. On average, motorized curtains can cost you around $300 to $1,000, and you can also have a pricing fluctuation, depending on DIY or professional installation.

Motorized curtains work over electrical rail systems and you can easily get yours in accordance with your curtain type and profile. Besides, these can be custom-made as well, depending on particular requirements.