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Comprehensive buying guide for roller window blinds

Roller Blinds, undoubtedly are one of the most incredible window treatment ideas which work wonders for both residential and commercial settings. That’s because they not just provide for the ornamental purposes real efficiently but also are supremely functional when it comes to performance. To have it the other way, you can easily expect a great deal of prolonged serviceability from these window blinds, and can therefore obtain the best value for your money. 

However, when making a potential purchase of roller window blinds, you need to be careful to a great extent, which is to say that you need to look for various factors, in order to settle for the right choice. Keeping these essentials in mind is crucial since there is a greater likelihood that a certain version of Roller blinds might actually not be the perfect thing for you, or in other words, might not suit your window requirements the right way. 

Everything You Need To Know About Buying The Best Roller Window Blinds

Buying The Best Roller Window Blinds

While Roller Window blinds indeed come with the most flexible and versatile attributes, you do need to achieve their perfect compatibility with your intended windows, particularly if you’re switching to this choice for the first time. All this comes down to taking care of certain aspects and we’ve got them covered and compiled most precisely for you. This way, you can easily make the most out of your investment. 

So whether you’re planning on a minor window treatment replacement or are up to getting an entire upgrade project, here is the perfect buying guide for you. 

Keep reading and you’ll find this comprehensively organized info the most relatable to all your requirements!

Consider Your Window Profile

Undeniably the most essential factor to keep in mind is to go for those blinds which offer the most seamless and long-term suitable fit for your windows. Though roller blinds are a kinda “universally suitable” window treatment choice, essentially which goes well with most of the window types, it’s still a favorable idea to work a little on this very factor. 

Boxed Windows, Roof Windows, Wall to Wall Windows, Angled Bay Windows, and Sliding glass panels/panes are some of the mainstream window profiles (types) usually present in most homes as well as offices, for which roller blinds offer a perfect fit. However, you might as well, need to alter the manner of your blind installation, depending on the type of your window, such as the recess fix or the face fix. This will be a major phase to deal with, in case you’re going for DIY blinds installation, and hiring professional services in this regard is of course free of this concern. 

Having that said, we strongly suggest you negotiate about the profile of your window(s) with the providers/suppliers of blinds, so as to come up with perfect selection. Or at best, you can capture your windows and have the pictures shown to the dealers. Besides, always opt for getting additional blind material more than your window measurement, so as to diminish the chance of any misconduct. 

Look For The Fabric Type

Look For The Fabric Type

Roller Blinds, as a matter of fact, come within various different fabric types, and you’d certainly want to make a selection that effectively provides for all of your requirements. In the first place, Dimout and blackout fabrics are the two main versions of Roller blind fabrics, with the standard fabric being an additional type. As you can guess by the name, these fabric versions are aimed toward the provision of different levels of illumination.

In addition to these, you can also opt for PVC Roller Blinds, Thermal Roller Blinds, Polyester Roller Blinds, and even Voile and Sheer Roller Blinds, in accordance to whatever you look forward to the most from your next window treatment. For instance, you can opt for the luxury fabric choices, which offer more versatility of colors and prints, in case you want some fine styling for your place. 

In the same way, if you’re looking for more easy-to-maintain window blinds, then it’s best that you go for PVC or plastic Roller Blinds. 

Adequate Light Passage/Blockage Is Mandatory

Adequate Light Passage Blockage Is Mandatory

This of course, is an aspect of personal choice majorly, however, you do need sound info regarding this factor as well, so as to have a more suitable choice. Not to mention that light passage also involves privacy maintenance to a great extent, which undeniably is a concern for anyone. For sure, you’d be well aware of the fact that lighter fabrics offer more light passage whereas the heavier/denser fabric options are meant for room darkening and sometimes complete blackout, as well. 

Your everyday routine or mainstream chores performance can also play a vital role, when it comes to choosing the right fabric type for window blinds. In other words, you can decide the fabric type depending on the purpose of the room, such blackout roller blinds are a great idea for bedrooms where adequate room darkening and maximum privacy maintenance are dire requirements. Similarly, you can opt for lighter and more translucent fabrics for spaces where better illumination/brightening is necessary, such as living rooms, hallways, etc.

Take Water Resistance Into Account

Take Water Resistance Into Account

Roller blinds can be waterproof by-default, however that only comes with the versions featuring stiff material constructions. And having that said, you need to opt for a water-resistant or at the best waterproof profile of the roller blinds within moisture-prone spaces, such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and often basements, as well. 

Besides, waterproof roller blinds also offer the advantage of an easy and effortless cleaning whenever they get subjected to any kind of staining. Also, humidity is a major concern within these spaces, and basic blinds or let’s say curtains cannot possibly withstand this factor, so taking this factor into account is super mandatory.

Don’t Overlook The Ornamentation

For sure, you’d want your next blinds to uplift the aesthetics of your place to a great extent and the good news is that Roller window blinds can totally nail the decor enhancement job for you. These blinds come with multiple designs and styling choices, in terms of color and prints, which is to say that you can easily look for a suitable option that complements your existing or upcoming room decor. 

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Speaking of the choices, some of the most mind-blowing color options for Roller blinds are Gray, Cream, and Blue. Besides, you can also find multiple print and pattern options within this incredible window treatment and can have it well-synced to any of the patterned or printed surfaces of the surrounding space, such as wall decor, any imprinted surface or object, curtains, or even cushions. 

Opt For Multipurpose/Energy-Efficient Choices

Opt For Multipurpose roller blinds

You can easily benefit the most from the very choice of Roller Window Blinds by opting for more useful and energy-efficient choices. This way, you get an improved and maximally effective serviceability and can totally make the most out of your money, this way. Such a selection, as well, depends on both your major or minor requirements or let’s say your lifestyle, so you gotta pick a choice accordingly, and we’re right at your service with all the help. 

Starting from Cordless Roller Window Blinds and Hygienic Roller Shades, these two are the choices you can consider if you’ve got children and/or pets in your home and don’t want to deal with any safety hazards or unwanted incidents resultantly. Over and above, roller window blinds also come within flame retardant, noise-reducing, office-friendly, and thermal versions, and you can easily have an idea about their specialized functionality with their names. 

Besides, such choices are more energy-efficient as well and favor you a lot when it comes to the cost-cutting of energy bills. Another common example in this regard is the choice of double roller blinds, which offer the advantage of both light filtering and room darkening at the same time. 

Useful Hacks For Maintaining Your Roller Window Blinds

Now that you’ve got a precise idea about the major influential aspects of Roller window blinds to take care of, we’ve got you another piece of help, as well. With these worthwhile tips and tricks, you can easily upkeep your roller window blinds and can benefit from them for years on end. 

  • Regular cleaning is the first step to more functional, durable, and presentable window blinds. Besides, most of the roller blind styles are wipe clean ones and you can easily carry out their maintenance without any effort.
  • Deeper cleaning is also crucial in order to ensure the longevity of blinds and also to deal with occasional damage in an effective and timely manner. For this, you can opt for the removal of your blinds, followed by submerging them in soapy water or detergent solution for a limited timespan, however, only if the manufacturing details say so. Otherwise, you can simply stick to the addressing with a damp cloth saturated with soap/detergent solution. 
  • Always check the compatibility of your window blinds with the cleaner you plan on using, particularly the fabricated ones. You can do so by exposing an unnoticeable part of the blind to the cleaning agent. 
  • Ensure appropriate ventilation for your rooms so that there is no chance of Roller blinds getting damaged from humidity and mold/mildew growth consequently. You can try using dehumidifiers for this purpose or can simply leave the windows open for better cross-ventilation. 

To Roll Up!

Hoping for our Roller Blinds Buying Guide to be maximally lucrative for you. Besides, you would have found all the mentioned aspects to be practical requirements of daily life and you can easily have a useful selection by keeping them in mind. Besides, you can always ensure the rest of the durability by dealing carefully with your window blind and not subjecting them to way too excessive or intense usage. 

Have a great window treatment project ahead!