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The Top 5 Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors

We all have a thing for sliding doors and have wanted to acquire them at some point in our lives. Besides, if you’re lucky enough to own one (or more!), you might have experienced the concern of getting the right treatments for them. Since sliding glass doors are used as windows too (for watching your cool-looking swimming pool or if your neighbor’s dog has been misusing your garden! ), there’s a dire need for finding a versatile means of coverage for them.

Standard excellent treatment for sliding glass doors and let’s say patio doors should be easily moveable in the first place and, most importantly, should be convenient to deal with, as well. This is exactly the point where you’re meant to desire something more functional than a basic means of treatment, such as curtains.

So in case you already own sliding doors or are planning on having this addition to your place(s), here is just the appropriate guide of the 5 Best Window Treatments For Sliding Doors for you. 

The Best Window Treatments For Sliding And Patio Doors

Up ahead, Wall Curtains has got you the list that will help you settle for the most suitable choice for this classy element of your home, essentially the one that turns out to be super comforting, pleasing, and functional for you.

So let’s get started with our incredible compilation of useful ideas in this regard. 

1. Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are the most time-tested way of covering windows, and they can provide the absolute perfect coverage as well as enhancement for your sliding doors. And as a matter of fact, vertical blinds are specifically meant for larger windows and sliding doors, according to various manufacturers and experts.

Here’s why you should consider installing these incredible blinds next to your sliding doors:

  • Vertical Blinds provide the most optimum fit for the larger panes of sliding glass doors or panels. And you can always benefit from the customization factor, too. 
  • Thanks to their super smooth and trouble-free mechanisms, they are the easiest to operate and are very flexible too, so you can easily have them adjusted according to your requirements. 
  • Their straight slats can be used to achieve both room darkening and, of course, brightening. Also, you can have them in a sheer version, to enjoy the natural light in a filtered and delightful form.
  • They are the easiest to upkeep and will last for multiple years, even with low-maintenance too.
  • These blinds are super versatile when it comes to styling, as you can acquire them in various distinctive patterns, colors, and profile options to sync with the look of your space.


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Vertical Blinds with glass doors | Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors

2. Sliding Shutters / Panels

Sliding Shutters Panels with glass doors

Otherwise known as panel tracks, these sliding panels are another great option to add to your sliding glass doors. You can have these shutters in the form of both vertical panels or sliding door blinds as they are designed to cover the given window/door pane in a side-to-side format

Take a look at the plus points of using sliding shutters for your sliding doors. 

  • Sliding panels are great at maintaining privacy and you can also easily control the extent of coverage you want to have around you. Also, you can choose the sliding direction of these panels (right to left, left to right, or from center to the sides) according to your preference.
  • If you’re focusing on the interior styling in particular, then sliding panels are a good idea to consider, since they feature the most presentable and sleek profiles, ideal for modern interiors. 
  • They can be controlled in a number of ways, such as with cord loops or a wand. Moreover, you can also acquire them in a motorized version, which is even easier to deal with, thanks to the smartphone applications and smart home integrations.
  • These panels or shutters are the most presentable option for commercial settings, and their energy efficiency adds to their significance as a commercial-grade window treatment
  • There are multiple fabric, color, pattern, and print options available to choose from, so it becomes easier to pick out a complementing element for your surroundings. 


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3. Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades with glass doors

Cellular shades (sometimes referred to as honeycomb blinds) do work wonders for sliding glass doors, which explains their popularity as window blinds and as a great treatment for patio doors, as well. Their prime significance lies in the fact that they are specifically good for extremely hot and cold climates.

You can benefit a lot from having cellular shades as your sliding door window treatment for good reason:

  • These shades have a distinctive design for trapping air within built-in “pockets”. This way, they provide dual functionality in terms of both room insulation and cooling. 
  • The honeycomb-style construction of the pleats of these shades provides the clearest and most obstruction-free view of the outside. 
  • You can have multiple options of colors, textures, patterns, and pleat sizes for these shades to find the right decorative match. Also, there are various fabric choices available, too.
  • Cellular shades provide greater control over the view and the incoming light. Their coverage is quite flexible and you can choose how much of the area to cover/ uncover. 
  • These shades provide great energy efficiency, which makes them a supremely valuable choice.

4. Roller Blinds/ Shades

Roller Blinds Shades

The time-tested beauty of roller shades works equally wondrous for sliding glass doors too, and not to forget the patio doors, as well. You can expect these blinds to add a considerable amount of comfort to your lifestyle.

Ahead is the distinctive bright side of roller shades:

  • Roller blinds can be used to achieve greater control over both light and privacy. They are not just highly flexible, but also very easy to handle.
  • The finely folded cassettes of Roller Blinds always look the most appealing, which is to say that these blinds are meant to look pleasing, whether they’re opened or closed.
  • They are great at insulating the interiors, and with insulation comes the obvious advantage of energy efficiency.
  • Roller Shades are extremely heavy-duty and therefore are a wonderful window treatment choice for areas with higher extents of airflow. 
  • They are supremely durable too, and you can consider them a foolproof option if there are kids and/or pets in your home.


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5. Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds with glass doors

Roman Blinds are worth the choice due to their versatility factor and also because of their sophisticated and visually pleasing looks. They appear attractive in either way and can add a considerable extent of ambiance to your space.

Take a look at the functional significance of using Roman Blinds for your sliding glass doors:

  • These blinds combine the energy efficiency and the aesthetics of Roller and honeycomb blinds, respectively, and therefore are an excellent dimension to invest in.
  • You’ll come across various style options for these blinds and can have the advantage of fabric customization, as well. 
  • The completely cordless operation of Roman Blinds makes them the safest option for parents and pet owners. Also, this is a worthwhile property if you don’t mind the ugly look of the cords hanging all around.
  • These blinds can be used for nearly every purpose, i.e. room darkening, room brightening, and delightful light filtering as well.
  • They are a good option if you’re a fan of the fabricated look of curtains since these blinds offer a mesmerizing drape-like look that seems super-complementing.


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To Sum Up

Shopping for the right kind of window or door treatment might not always be the easiest job to do. That’s because while a certain element might seem really pleasing to you, it might not be able to effectively provide for the functional requirements of your place. That’s when the significance of sound research kicks in, saving you from potential wrong decisions.

With that being said, our comprehensive compilation of the 5 Best Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors can seriously help you get a really incredible coverage element for your home decor. You can easily relate most of your requirements and expectations to the above-mentioned descriptions and can therefore pick out a suitable choice for yourself.

Wishing you a nice blind shopping experience!

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FAQS (Frequently Asked Questioned)

Curtains aren’t that much of a favorable idea when it comes to treating sliding glass doors since they often fail to provide for higher extents if usage or for a higher traffic. As sliding glass doors or patio doors have to move a lot, curtains can get damaged soon and they can also compromise privacy protection.

Cellular Shades work in a very distinctive manner, i.e. the air gets trapped in the pockets of their profiles, which offers an incredible insulation for the room. This ultimately provides the advantage of energy-efficiency and is also beneficial in offering a clear and obstruction-free view of outside.

Tinting your sliding glass doors and/or windows can absolutely be a great option to consider, as it offers multiple advantages, with adequate coverage being the foremost one. Window/door film provides the most flawless privacy and Sun damage protection, along with extensive ornamental versatility, as well.

Woven Wood Shades are the perfect choice to consider if you want a unique organic or natural sensation from your window treatment. And since these shades are made of natural wood, they are exceptionally long-lasting and can provide well for just about any usage or styling requirement.