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Different Types Of Motorized Blinds And How Do They Work

In the present age, homeowners have become more technologically oriented because of the convenience and comfort offered by various home improvement and decor ideas, most importantly window treatments. Speaking of window coverings, a greatly popular choice amongst them is the Motorized blinds. These are electric window coverings that can be operated with an electric motor and can be controlled via remote control, smartphone, wall switch, and many other digital options. In this way, these smart blinds can be operated without the need of moving an inch from your place, thus offering major comfort and convenience.

But here’s the deal, blinds choices vary from person to person, and different types of blinds offer different practical and ornamental benefits. And to make the selection easy for you, at Wall Curtains, we’re providing you with information on the different types of motorized blinds so as to let you know about all the possible options if you’re considering motorized blinds as your next home window treatment.

Different Types Of Motorized Blinds And Their Functions

The Different Types Of Motorized Blinds And Their Functions

If you’re looking for motorized blinds as your window treatment option, then let’s tell you that there are many different types of motorized blinds available on the market. All of these types offer practical and decorative benefits but vary to some extent from each other. Also, this information will help you choose the right type of motorized blinds for your interior based on their functionality. We’ve listed the different types of motorized window blinds below.

1. Motorized Horizontal Blinds

Motorized Horizontal Blinds

These types of electric window blinds operate via a motor and have horizontal positioning of slats. They will cover the entire face of your home windows to provide a blackout experience, however, these motorized window blinds don’t lift up meaning you can only tilt to open or close them. Hence, they are always at the same place and best for places that require utmost seclusion.

Speaking of the control options, these digital blinds can be controlled via remote control, smartphones, wall switch, voice control, and many other options. And, even when fully open, they won’t illuminate the room like other blinds because their slats are placed horizontally.

2. Motorized Roller Blinds

Motorized Roller Blinds

Unlike horizontal blinds, these electric blinds roll up and down to open and close respectively, that too, at the touch of only a button and by staying within your comfort zone. Therefore, motorized roller blinds have lately become popular among homeowners to decorate the interiors of their modern homes

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And having that said, let’s tell you that these smart blinds are available in a wide variety of options and can also be customized to your interior needs, thus offering a luxurious look to your interiors and adding to their beauty. Also, they are compatible with a variety of convenient control options such as voice control, remote control, wall switch, smartphone apps, etc. Hence, this motorized window treatment can be an ideal option for your interior.

3. Motorized Wooden Blinds

Motorized Wooden Blinds

If you’re looking to uplift the aesthetics of your interior, then these smart blinds can be the best option for you because they’ll match your custom-made wooden furniture. These electric blinds also operate on the same principle as mentioned above, however, the key difference is in their appearance and structure. Such that they have a very sleek appearance and are the perfect choice to frame large windows.

They’ll also let you control the amount of incoming sunlight via all the above-mentioned options and are programmable to remember your choices at different times of the day. Also, the slats of these blinds can only be tilted and not lifted just like horizontal blinds and another difference is that these slats are made of wood, thus you can also enjoy the perks of wooden window blinds.

4. Motorized Cellular Blinds

Motorized Cellular Blinds

Speaking of the innovation in the design and style of blinds over the past few years, these cellular motorized blinds are just the perfect example to describe this phenomenon. These blinds have honey-comb-shaped cell-like fabrics designed to trap heat during the winter and cold during the summer. 

With these electric blinds, you can get additional and automatic control options like a built-in sun sensor (the blinds open and close detecting the presence or absence of sunlight), a time sensor (blinds automatically open or close at specific times of the day), and many other smart control options. And, if you’re looking for a luxury automatic window covering that also provides insulating functions, then there is no better option than motorized cellular blinds.

5. Motorized Transitional Blinds

Motorized Transitional Blinds

These types of automatic and modern window coverings offer a great operational benefit. And, can function with multiple power sources including a low-voltage DC Motor, non-rechargeable and rechargeable battery packs, DC transformer, and solar power. This extent of functional variability makes them unique and also the motorized operation adds to their everlasting benefits.

All the control options one can attain with modern-day smart blinds are available in motorized transitional blinds. Also, you can have them customized according to your personal styling preferences and interior decor requirements.

6. Sheer Horizontal Motorized Blinds

Sheer Horizontal Motorized Blinds

As the name suggests, these are horizontal motorized blinds made up of sheer fabrics. They also offer the same range of motorization and controlling just like transitional blinds. These smart blinds can be the best choice for people who want to have motorized horizontal blinds but also want their room to be perfectly illuminated at the same time. And, besides the type of fabric material, there is no difference between them and the horizontal motorized blinds, as they brighten up your surroundings like a set of fine sheer curtains.

7. Motorized Vertical Blinds

These are the latest type of automatic window blinds that provide full protection from UV rays, along with added privacy. For these blinds to be operational, there is a vertical track installed on each side of the window that supports the opening and closing of blinds. 

The motor system of these blinds is placed outside the window in a small, discrete box. And, speaking of operational control, these blinds come with a pre-installed Sun sensor that can efficiently detect sunlight to schedule the opening and closing of blinds.

Conclusive Words

Motorized window blinds prove really handy if you’re looking for a window treatment that you can operate while being in your comfort zone and just by pressing a button. Also, there are many different types of motorized blinds available, and all of them function differently. You can choose from any one of the listed types of electric blinds as your window treatment as per your aesthetic taste and interior styling requirements.

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FAQS (Frequently Asked Questioned)

In general, most of the motorized window blind types are powered through AA batteries or in other words the Lithium battery pack. In addition to that, some blinds also come with a rechargeable structure, and their motor needs to be connected to an outlet via a USB cord.

Motorized window blinds can have a width up to 40 feet and even above. As for their height, they are usually 22 feet high and these dimensions work for a vast majority of places. Besides, if you require some particular size dimensions, then you’ll need to request for size customization services.

While the charging time totally depends on the type and quality of motorized blinds you’re getting, most of their versions require up to 8 hours for getting charged. However, if you don’t want rechargeable blinds, then you can simply stick to those working over AA batteries.

Motorized window blinds offer safety and protection for interiors in multiple ways. Their high coverage protects your furniture, floorings, and other items from Sun damage and getting dirty. Besides, if you want to give an illusion of an occupied place, while you’re not at home, all you need to do is pre-program your blinds and their automatic movement will keep intruders and burglars at bay.