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The 5 Dos And Don’ts Of Choosing The Best Curtains

Curtains, being the staple décor ingredients do ask for a watchful attitude towards their selection. Comprehensive research before making a purchase and the exact figuring out of both your functional as well as ornamental requirements can save you from considerable trouble in the future. Whether you’re opting for the curtain addition for decorative purposes or want something really functional and comfort providing for yourself.

You’ve got to act upon certain thumb rules and similarly need to avoid a few non-practical approaches, too. Besides saving you from reasonable expenses, a considerate curtain choice makes the decision favorable for your lifestyle in the years to come. So without any further delay, let’s proceed straight to those essential tips and tricks that you need to consider prior to making a purchase.

5 DO’s of Having The Best Curtains


For sure, you would want your next curtains to serve you the most or frankly more than the previous ones. This is the point that requires you to be greatly efficient when choosing a curtain fabric as the entire aesthetics of your place are gonna depend on this very choice.

If longevity is what you look forward to, then go for curtain fabrics like Velvet, Microfiber, thermal, Silk, cotton, linen, or Damask Weave. These curtain fabrics generally are extremely resilient and the build quality is meant to endure, as well. They work best as both ornamental and functional curtains and are capable of lasting long.

Durability of Best Curtains

Adequate Measurement

Never outlook the sizing and overall measurement aspect of your curtains as this can totally make or break the entire space decor. For this, you first need to have a sound idea of the place where you intend a certain addition or upgrade. There are places that don’t ask for a fuller or floor-to-ceiling kinda curtain coverage. Similarly, in other ones, the apron or tier styles don’t look pleasing in certain spaces, too.

Therefore, it’s best that you make a curtain choice according to the window profile primarily, followed by in harmony with the rest of the room space. Some general standards that go well for the majority of the spaces include floor curtains and a width up to 2-inch more than the window frame. In the same way, you need to have shorter-length curtains if you have toddlers or pets in your family.


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Adequate Measurement of Best Curtains


Now a good curtain syncing primarily refers to the thumb rule that your curtains have to get along with the surrounding walls, in terms of aesthetics. Choosing similar colors, either bright or muted is the kind of approach you can never go wrong with. Besides, if you want to bring about more life and tone to the interiors, you can always have the contrasting color themes used, but only the ones that appear nice together.

How to pick curtain color can certainly be a matter leasing to huge indecisiveness at times, but there are multiple ways to cope with this thing quite easily. Get a sample of your chosen curtain(s) and hold it next to the corresponding walls, so as to have a definitive idea of what to go for. Matching lighter curtains with darker walls and vice versa is also an amazing idea to act upon.

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Synchronization of Best Curtains | 5 Dos And Don’ts Of Choosing The Best Curtains

Space Harmony

Post wall syncing, comes the harmonious creation of the curtains with the rest of the room space, which mainly includes anchor pieces (luxury sofas, couches, bedding, wardrobes, closets, etc.) and secondary furniture (coffee tables, decor stuff, knick-knacks, chairs, etc.). These items since create most of the room’s space, thus need to be considered equally important too.

Go for the curtain color palette that compliments the stuff accommodated by your interior and seems to be enhancing its beauty, as well. You can either stick to one color scheme such as white curtains for living room. Another adorable style goes white curtain with grey pattern and looks really mesmerizing. Moreover, the option of playing with more colors is always there.


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Space Harmony of Best Curtains

Ease Of Maintenance

You need to be really practical at this point and just settle for what will be the most convenient for you to maintain. Since we can’t possibly deny the importance of appropriate look after regarding the longevity of anything and everything and certainly not the curtains. It’s always best to choose what’s easy and inexpensive to take care of. If you don’t have enough time or don’t want to spend on specific cleaning elements, opt for regular curtains that are machine washable.

Besides, choose the fabric that’s resilient in its texture and design and does not get dirty way too often, if you can’t schedule cleaning cycles. Getting darker shades or undertones is also a good idea since such colors don’t appear dull very soon. Last but not least, is to have complete info about the maintenance of your chosen curtains and to act upon it in the right way.


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Ease Of Maintenance of Best Curtains

5 Don’t of Having The Best Curtains

Insufficient Dimension

Your curtains must never be lesser in width and height than the window frame. And to best eliminate this likelihood, always have the curtain length higher than the window length (have its suspension on top of the window frame) and more on the sides, as well.

One thumb rule at this point is to have up to 2-inch fabric on either side of the window frame. Taking care of this factor also goes helpful for when your curtains are opened or gathered to the sideways.


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Insufficient Dimension of Curtains

Non-Voluminous Fabrication

Always be generous with the curtain fabric as lesser use of fabrication can totally ruin the beauty of your curtains and ultimately the look of your entire room. Maximally voluminous or more fuller-looking curtains are the ones that appear the best, complement the whole decor nicely and feel the most satisfying, too.

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Multiple Altitude Alignment

Never have curtains of different lengths or at different heights within one room or space, as this dulls out the whole appearance. Within a given area, always have the curtains of similar length and align them at similar heights so as to give off a sense of uniformity and decor asymmetry.


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Non-Voluminous Fabrication of Curtains

Improper Hardware

Using inappropriate, cheap, or unsuitable curtain hardware such as rods (poles), hooks, clips or rings can ruin the look of even the most beautiful curtains. Investing in high-quality rods will always pay you back well and will ensure the right beauty amplification of your curtains.

Inferior quality or weak rods not only appear bad but can also do more bad to your curtains than good by having them a risk of bowing down. Besides, if you’ve already got curtain hardware, then always shop the curtains accordingly and never other than that.


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Hanging of the Curtains

No Blockage of Curtains

No Blockage

Don’t go for the curtains that can’t manage to offer opaqueness or blockage of the light. This doesn’t mean that you need to have way too heavier, expensive or dark curtains, but simply the ones with the tendency to be translucent at times.

Since of course, you wouldn’t want your inner living space to be exposed or your privacy/safety to be at risk. Opt for the curtains that offer somewhat of light diminishing, specifically during nighttime. And at best those providing room-darkening flexibility.


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To Sum Up

Our curtain choice guide comes to an end at this point and we have greater hopes for the entire info to be really helpful for you in settling for what’s absolutely advantageous for you. It’s a fairly common phenomenon for nearly all of us to get attracted by what looks good but isn’t that beneficial regarding the functionality and long-term usage. Besides, every single space and area comes with its own set of requirements and we can’t possibly expect things to go in our favor by overlooking this aspect during our purchase.

Several areas such as the living room or bedroom ask for a careful curtain addition, giving rise to ponderings like how to choose curtains for living room, etc. Therefore, we’ve come up with a precise and definitive approach in terms of curtain purchase that’s going to relate to the majority of your needs, ultimately making you settle for the best

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FAQS (Frequently Asked Questioned)

This primarily depends on the type of curtain you’re choosing. Usually, the heavier curtain fabrics such as blackout, velvet, silk, or brocade come with a predefined lining because those curtains are meant for room darkening. You can add a lining to the existing curtains too if you want more coverage.

The durability of the curtain fabric is the most essential aspect to look for. Since it isn't easy to have a curtain upgrade again and again you need to opt for the fabrication that’s resilient in nature and is long-lasting, too.

Staying away from harsh detergents and chemicals is the first step to good curtain care. Opt for mild cleaning elements along with lukewarm water. Besides, you can have your curtains dry cleaned and steam ironed for the best results.

Those drapes must match your room decor and most importantly the curtain fabric should have reasonable durability. Always choose the curtains that are the most comfortable to use and at best energy efficient, in nature.