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How to Fix Broken or Bent Vertical Blinds




Bending or at worst breakage is one of the most common concerns of using window blinds. Though this might be the consequence of inconsiderate handling, no blind is completely free from the likelihood of damage over time, irrespective of how well it is maintained. We all have come across this relatively displeasing moment at some point in our lives (and if things go really bad, this could be multiple times, as well!). 

So in any encounter with a broken or bent window blind, the first and foremost thing is to NOT PANIC and not get worried about spending on another window treatment. That’s because a bent or even a broken blind can be easily fixed with just a little smartness, all you need to do is have a sound knowledge about how to proceed in the right way. 

Ahead is a precise compilation of some practically useful methods to fix broken as well as bent vertical blinds, in a seamless manner

Fixing Broken Slats Of A Vertical Blind

  • Locate the slot of the blind slat that gets fastened into the clip. Start by flipping the blinds upside down, followed by punching one hole on the upside down. This will make the blind structure straightened enough to be hung again. 
  • As an alternative, you can simply use a paperclip for repairing the broken slat. Finish off by fixing the blind back into its headrail. This can also be done with the help of a sturdy or heavy-duty tape.


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Fixing Bent Slats Of A Vertical Blind

Fixing Bent Slats Of A Vertical Blind

The first and foremost fix of a vertical blind slat is to replace it with an additional slat. In case of the unavailability of extra slat, follow these steps to fix the bent one. 

  • Start by removing the plugs at the blind bottom with a flathead screwdriver. Your blind slat can have either one or more plugs that are designed to hold the lifting strings (used to move the blinds).
  • Next up, you’ll need to pull the string through the hole present in the slat, followed by untying the knot. 
  • Once you’ve untied the knot, start removing the lift string followed by removing the broken slat and interesting the broken one. 
  • Rethread the string on the left side by keeping the similar course throughout all the slats. 
  • Take the string back through the base by tying off each side, so that they have the similar length. 
  • Relocate the plugs again. For securing them perfectly, you can either make use of a rubber mallet or even a hammer. 

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Another Method For Bent Vertical Blinds Fixing

Best ways for How to Fix Broken or Bent Vertical Blinds

Here’s another way to fix your bent vertical blinds, however, this one will require you to take down the entire blind panel.


  • Start by removing all the bent and unbent panels and place them into a tub full of warm water.
  • Let the blinds stay in hot water for the next 2 minutes and remove them afterwards.
  • Place the bent panels in between the unbent ones, followed by clamping them together with the help of clips. 
  • Keep doing this till you have got all your blind panels straightened the perfect way.
  • Wipe off all the blinds with a clean and soft microfiber cloth and then you can have them installed again.


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Things To Remember

Things To Remember

While blind fixing might seem a really easy job to do, you still need to be careful about both the blind handling and most importantly your own safety. Here are a few things to consider in this regard:

  • Consider The Safety: Broken blind slats have sharp edges, so it’s best that you ensure using gloves during the entire fixing procedure.
  • The Basic Approach: Often the blind breakage or bending can be simply fixed by tilting or reversing their shape, so that they regain the original profile.
  • Watch Your Working: Exerting excessive force during both fixing or straightening the blind can simply end in worsening the situation, particularly if you’re dealing with a delicate type of blind, such as the roman ones or those made of paper. 
  • Take It Down: Some blind treatments, might as well, require you to put down the entire blind body, most importantly those with the cord system. This is specifically true when you need to detangle some clustered cords or need to replace them. 

In The End

How to Fix Broken or Bent Vertical Blinds is a really important skill set that you must gain a basic info about and at best a complete efficiency. That’s because blinds are highly prone to getting bad over time, no matter how well you care for them. The most common example in this regard is the atmospheric damage which can seriously impact your blinds and you can’t possibly do anything about it. However, what matters more is to look for a potential fix or solution to the concern instead of spending unnecessarily on new equipment. 

We’ve high hopes that you find this simple guide effectively helpful in order to address the major damages of your blinds, without going wrong at any point. 

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FAQS (Frequently Asked Questioned)

You’ll need to make use of spring loaded clamps for this purpose. Just hold the blinds firmly and begin applying pressure to them with the spring loaded clamps. This will restore the shape of the bend blind, as it cools down eventually.

Faulty or damaged tilter mechanisms are generally the cause of window blinds that stop turning. In case of a chain pulley system, you’ll need to remove your blinds and take a look at the chain control mechanism to check if the chain is still atop the sprocket wheel.

For this purpose, you’ll need to locate the source of the jamming, and also check if the slats are aligned in their individual clips or not. The slats should be tucked behind each other and you will need to apply a Silicone spray into the headrail, followed by moving the blinds repeatedly to distribute the spray all over.

In order to smooth out the damaged slat of mini blinds, you’ll need to apply heavy pressure with your hands, till the point you manage to take the creasing out. As an alternative, you can also take help from a hard smooth ball and fix the damaged slat by rolling the ball over it.